About Us

Green Tourism Promotion is a leading Travel Agent & Tour Operator in India, with its management having more than 30 years of tour operation and marketing experience.  In association with hotels, airlines and travel service providers, we offer tours and packages to major tourist destinations at competitive rates with Standard, Luxury and Deluxe hotels which are equivalent to 3, 4 and 5 star hotel categories.  We offer city stopovers and tours that can be taken alone or combined as per individual choice.  


We specialise in Domestic Tours, Outbound Holidays, Hotel Packages, Corporate Group Tours, Air Tickets, Train Bookings, Car & Coach Hire Services 


Support Conservation

Green Tourism Promotion supports tours that foster understanding, appreciation and conservation of the culture and environment we visit.  We are committed to working with our associates and clients to ensure direct economic benefits to local communities and to contribute to cultural and environmental conservation.  We support best practice guidelines for responsible tourism operations in our tours. 


We seek support from our associates and clients to adhere to the following best practices:  

Support tourism that is socially responsible, environment-friendly and economically productive.

Always keep in mind the rights of the local population and to respect local laws and customs.

As far as possible involve the local population in all tourism activities we operate.

Educate our guides to pass on to clients an insight and understanding of the host destination.

Request our associates in the local destinations meet the desired conservation standards. 

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